Goalify Documentation

The goal tab

The goal tab shows you all of your due and active goals. Click on any goal name to either record an activity or open the goal itself. A progress bar will indicate your current progress towards that goal's target.

Use the calendar bar to get a quick overview of your goals that are due on a specific day. If you swipe the date numbers you can switch back and forth between your date range.

Tap on the New Goal button on the upper right to set up a new goal.

Pull down the little bar underneath the calendar bar to reveal additional analytic and filter options:

  • Chart: A graphic and value-based analysis of your current progress. Tap on the chart to choose between 3 different views:
    • Due Today: Average achievement of your goals that are due today.
    • Combined: Combined average achievement of all active goals.
    • Shared Display: Average of all goals and a chart for due today (outer circle) and due soon (inner circle).
  • Tags: Use our smart tags or your own tags to filter the due list of your goals.
  • Edit: Use the edit button to view all goals. Archived goals are listed on the very bottom of the list. Tap on any goal to open all available options. You can manually sort the list of goals by switching off the Auto-sort goals option and by using the sorting handle left to the name of each goal.