The due tab

The due tab shows you all of your due goals. The list is divided into goals that are due today and due soon. A weekly goal (Su-Sa) will be shown during the week as due soon, but on Saturday it would be shown as due today. Click on any goal name to open the recording screen of this goal.

Tap on the plus button on the upper right to set up a new goal.

Next to each goal you find a progress bar and the possibility to record your activities. To give you a quick overview, all goals are marked in color according to their current status:

  • Blue: Goal not yet accomplished.
  • Green: Goal succeeded.
  • Red: Goal failed.

Above your list of due goals you find a graphic analysis of your current progress:

  • Due Today: Number of goals you have not accomplished yet and that are due today. Tap on the number to switch to your list of goals.
  • Chart: A graphic and value-based analysis of your current progress. Tap on the chart to choose between 3 different views:
    • Due Today: Average achievement of your goals that are due today.
    • Combined: Combined average achievement of all active goals.
    • Shared Display: Average of all goals and a chart for due today (outer circle) and due soon (inner circle).
  • Due Soon: Number of goals that have not been accomplished yet but which are due soon. Tap on the number to switch to your list of goals.
  • Challenges: Number of your active challenges. Tap on the challenge icon to view your challenges including their ranking.
  • Activate: Number of limit goals you need to activate. Tap on the limit icon to activate your limit goals.