How do I create goals?

Tap a client to enter his or her list of goals. Now tap the Link Goal button and follow the instructions of the goal wizard. By tapping on the Save button the goal will be created and pushed to your client. Your client will be able to record his/her progress but cannot administer the goal. However, they are able to add a pause to the goal.

The newly created goal is linked to the coaching area you selected your client from (a group or private coaching). In case you selected your client from within a public group , the goal will become visible to all members of that public group. If you selected your client from private coaching or from within a managed group , the goal will only be visible to your client and yourself.

A single goal can be linked to any number of public/managed groups and to individual coaching.

Note: A coached goal must be linked to at least one group or individual coaching. If you unlink a coached goal from all groups and individual coaching, it will be transferred to your client and will no longer be available on the coaching dashboard. Goalify will present you a warning and options to relink the goal before transferring it to your client.