Goalify Documentation

Can I set reminders myself?

Yes, you can set additional reminders in the reminder menu or by tapping on the reminder icon from the main screen of your goal.

To add a new reminder click the New Reminder button from the top of the reminder dashboard. Each reminder has its own name, a reminder text that we will send you with each notification and a list of notifications.

Each notification will be sent at a certain time and frequency. You can create notifications that you will receive daily at 9 am, or only every Monday at 10 am or even only on the last day of the month at 6 pm. Each reminder can have many notifications attached to it.

When you link a goal to a reminder, you will be able to use some additional smart options. You can choose to receive this reminder only when you are working on this goal. Pausing the goal would then also automatically pause the reminder.

How to setup reminders?